Abandoned by Disney

Abandoned by Disney

We all know Disney Corporation like Mickey Mouse & Co "mum", besides its famous themed parks, but according to a famous legend that circulates on the web the American company would be responsible for at least a really "living" ghost city, the abandoned themed park of “Treasure Island”.

Inspired to the homonym novel, it was built years ago at Baker Bay, Bahamas. The idea was to make Disney's cruis ships stop there, and that's why $ 30 million was invested to realize the project, only then to abandon it suddenly for reasons that some people find more than mysterious.

Mowgli's Palace

Epcot - abandoned by Disney

Forget for a second Tresure Island: it was not the first time that Disney Corporation abandoned one of his pharaonic projects. It happened already near Emerald Isle, North Carolina, where is should have been built the “Mowgli's Palace”, the main attraction of a theme park related to The Jungle Book.

Disney would have bought a lot of land at a fair price to take off the project, then submitted the local community the concept art of what would have arisen, just to discover that the locals were not at all enthusiastic about the idea, to say the least. However, thanks to a huge advertising campaign and the relationship between Disney and some local businesses, eventually public opinion would change.

With Mowgli's Palace completed, the park according to the story circulating on the web would be opened and begin to welcome visitors, just to be shot dead suddenly.

Theme parks abandoned by Disney

Treasure Island - abandoned by Disney

Is it possible? Let's answer this question only in the end of this article, and enoy the photos which show how it is quite common for Disney (that in 2016 has generated $ 4.28 billion sales, i.e. over 142 times the $ 30 million which is assumed to be spent for Tresure Island) to abandon theme park projects.

One of the most famous cases is that of Epcot's Imagination! pavillon near the Buena Vista Lake, at Walt Disney World, Florida, opened in 1982 and closed in 1998, but also Discovery Island, near the Baty Lake, also at Walt Disney World, has been the same fate since 1999.

This attraction is particularly interesting because it is here that in 1965 Disney started to buy lands to then open a first Treasure Island (will this be the one described by the story that has been on the web for years?) in 1974, with what was at that time the largest colony of scarlet Ibis in America (but also Galapagos turtles, flamingos, lemurs, swans, brown pelicans and the the last known night sparrower were hosted in the attraction).

In 2009 they also thought to convert the whole attraction in a Lost themed isle, but the project never saw the light.

The truth about Tresure Island and Mowgli's Palace

Animatronic abandoned by Disney

And then again: it was built but it was never finished the Pop Century Resort (always near the Buena Vista lake, at Walt Disney World), because, they said, of September 11th.

Finally still near the Bay Lake at Walt Disney World lies the ruins of River Country, the first water themed park of Disney, opened in 1976 and closed in November 2001 and since then ruined. In short: for a giant like Disney to abandon (after years of use or even half of the building) theme parks projects and tens of million of dollars attractions it's not so unusual.

But the story of the Bahama's Tresure Island and of the Emerald Isle's Mowgli's Palace talks about weird facts, tropical plants grown wildly which overlapped the area, mixing with native species, interiors of the rooms completely spoiled of any decoration, repeted signs “Abandoned by Disney” drawn, perhaps, by former employees or by some locals, wild animals grown to awe like a python over 20 meters, scary animatronic puppets still active after decades, maybe even zombies.

Pop Century Resort abandoned by Disney

The truth is that, at least officially, it doesn't turn out that Disney has ever built neither a Bahamas's Treasure Island nor a Emerald Isle's Mowgli's Palace. So it's difficoult to try to go to check in person, always if anyone likes risking it.

Will it only be a well done creepypasta or does the story which has been periodically circulated on the web for years have a fund of truth?? If you want to check it out, beware of sharks, giant python and zombie epidemics.

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