Your child is a medium

How to discover if your child is a medium

If you too have a child or a daughter, you can understand me: every time that for some reason a child said “you talk in a odd way” to our son, my blood froze. {loadposition articolo} Our son se…

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UFOs on Florence

UFOs: mass sighting on Florence

You say “Ufo sightings” and it comes spontaneously to think about the United States or Russia or to Great Britain. But even in Italy took place over the years important sightings, which remain…

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Hitler and the ufo: the Gotha 229

Hitler and the UFOs: the Gotha 229

That Adolf Hitler and other high Nazi exponents confided in esoteric practices is known, less clear it is what relationship could exist between Nazi Germany and supposed alien technologies.&nbs…

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Ouija board

Ouija board, how many dark secrets

Hands up who has not tried or wanted to try at least once, to conduct a seance. Communicate with the afterlife, open a communication between living and dead, has always been one of the desires…

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