USOs under the Atlantic ocean

USOs and the Fast Mover program

Periodically the web goes back to talk about USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), underwater vehicles able to reach speeds which are impossible for any machine of human origin, or about the al…

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UFOs, Lazar and element 115

Does Bob Lazar know how an UFO is made?

One of the most successful Discovery Channel tv show is “How it's made”: how many of you would like to see an episode dedicated to “how an UFO is made”? {loadposition articolo} Hardly such an ep…

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UFOs spy nude beaches?

Do UFOs spy nude beaches?

Are Earth and its inhabitants kept under observation by alien (or terrestrial) UFOs? Many supporting it for years, citing sightings and contacts occurred with consistency in the course of human…

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Foo fighters in Italy

Foo fighters were spotted also in Italy

If any of you had a grandfather or relative who fought during World War II, he may have heard about "foo fighters" already, the mysterious globe of light spotted several times by allied forces d…

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Supernatural encounters

Supernatural encounters of the third kind

Raise his hand those who never thought of making love, even just once, with a supernatural being when he/she was a boy/girl. And since angels, for what we know, do little, you do not have to be…

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