mystery of out of place artifacts

Out of place artifacts mystery

Mysteries enthusiasts call them “out of place artifacts”, they are objects like the alumina wedge of Aiud which should not exist. This wedge, for instance, found in 1974, in Romania, two kilomet…

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Pollock twins and past lives

Pollock twins and memories of past lives

Is it possible to retain, subconsciously, memories of a past life? Yes, according to some specialist as the American psychiatrist and author Brian Weiss, who since 1980 gathered a whole range of…

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Htiler's train

What happened to Hitler's train?

At the end of the 1930s, Adolf Hitler ordered the building of a real railwayl fortress: the “Fuhrersonderzug”, i.e. a special train originally named “Erika” (but according to some other sources…

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