China buildings on the Moon

Has China found an alien lunar base?

The success achieved by the Chinese lunar probe Chang’e-4, which sent the first images of the dark side of the Moon to the ground has had great success. But on the web they talk about other disc…

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Alien vampires

Do vampires descend from aliens?

When you talk of vampires you generelly think about Dracula's legend, but well before that Brian Stoker turned it into a gothic novel, in 1897, mankind had already begun to formulate theories o…

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Poveglia  the most haunted island in Italy

Poveglia the most haunted island in Italy

Italy is known all over the world for its artistic, historical and landscape beauties;Venice, then, is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. {loadposition articolo} Yet there…

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Pre-Columbian golden planes

The amazing golden aircraft of Quimbaya

The famous Gold Museum of Bogotà (Colombia) contains the richest collection of pre-Columbian golden objects. Among the hundreds of precious figurines, ritual objects and golden jewels,…

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ufo east mountain sighting cover

UFO: the East Mountain sighting

For those who visit today the former North Concord Air Force Station, near Lyndonville, Vermont, it would not say much: just some buildings abandoned for decades and a little more. {loadposition…

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