Coronavirus - cover

Coronavirus: according to Anonymous, China lies

Coronavirus continues to claim victims: according to the latest data provided by the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC), deaths have now risen to 305 and cases of infection have been confi…

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Hachiko and Fido two faithful dogs

Hachiko and Fido, two lifelong faithful dogs

Many people know the film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, directed in 2009 by the Swedish director Lasse Hallström and interpreted, among others, by Richard Gere.

The real story of Hachiko

The film worldwi…

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hidden hand cover

The secret of hidden hand

New year, new revelations. We had already told you about the code of hands of secret societies, now we want to bring attention to the “hidden hand”. The “hidden hand” is a Masonic recognition si…

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